BMW Welt Plant Tour Munich

Munich, Germany

BMW Plant Tour

Reservation for the BMW plant tour

The BMW plant tour starts at BMW Welt on Level E0.

Collect your BMW tour tickets 30 minutes in advance at one of the front desk info counters.

BMW Plant Tour Review

We went on the BMW plant tour in Munich in September 2010. This was a great activity and I would highly recommend booking a tour if you’re planning to visit Munich and enjoy watching and learning about German Automotive manufacturing.

We booked the English language plant tour three months in advance. I was told the tour sells out fast so book as early as you possibly can. I called BMW World from my home in the U.S.A. and made my reservations. You can get the phone number from their Website.

I booked the first tour of the day which starts at 9:30 am and you are asked to arrive and check-in a half-hour early at the front reception desk. The tour costs 8 Euros per person. Booking the early tour allows you to get into BMW Welt (World) early in the morning when not a lot of tourists are around so taking photos of the building and cars is easy and pleasant. By the time you finish the tour 2.5 hours later and walk out of the BMW manufacturing plant back into the BMW World, the place is jam-packed with tourists and it’s hard to get the good photo ops by then.

No cameras are allowed into the plant. After the tour, we ate at the BMW café. The food was good and reasonably priced with a good selection of German bier. If you bring a backpack you will need to check-it-in at the coat check. BMW world is easy to get to by public transportation. The weather in Germany was perfect in September with highs in the mid to high 60s.