Hotel Hotello Munich Germany

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Hohenzollernstrasse 9, Schwabing

München, Germany 80801


Check-In 2:00PM Check-Out 12:000pm

::: Google Map Link: Munich Airport to HOtello Hohenzollernstrasse

Hotello Munich, Germany Review

We stayed at the HOtello for five nights while visiting Munich during September 2010. We booked the hotel through @ USD 140.00 per night. Our stay at the HOtello was good for the most part. The location was great and close to public transportation, restaurants, and shopping.

The hotel offers breakfast for $15.00 per person, but you can go to any café, just a block away, and get breakfast for about half the price. The bed is a memory form and quite comfortable. The rooms are on the small size, but that’s typical for most European hotels.

The room was clean, and housekeeping did a good job keeping the place clean throughout our stay. Wired Internet access is included in the per-night price, and it fast and reliable. The air conditioning was not real strong and did not blow out frigid air. This was not a real problem for us as the weather outside was in the 60s, but it would be an issue if it were hot out.

The biggest issue we had with our stay at this hotel is the bathroom shower. The shower curtain they use is too short, so when you take a shower, half the water from your shower spills-out onto the bathroom floor. They need to install either a shower door or a longer curtain to keep the water off the bathroom floor.

I’m not talking about a little water spilling on the floor here, folks, I’m talking gallons. So when you get home from a busy day sightseeing and take a shower, you spend the next half hour mopping-up the bathroom floor because of all the water that flows from the shower onto the bathroom floor.

Not only do you use up all your spare towels, but you also have to live with the wet floor all night long, and you have no fresh towels for your shower in the morning.

Before you book at this hotel, email them and ask if they have fixed the shower issue and, if not, find another hotel room to reserve. It’s not worth the hassle.